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Sugar Services

Three million pounds of production equipment at full load, two million pounds of concrete, and one hundred thousand pounds of steel.

In the heart of the bustling South Main area, a lone industrial facility still calls it home, where it stood long before the sprawling development manifested.  A recent expansion consisting of a 14,000 sq ft new facility anchors their future operations.

This project posed multiple challenges, including an aggressive schedule, an application for a variance from OPD, and a tight working area.  Staging deliveries involved multiple cranes, semi trucks lined up on a nearby road, and multiple crews working in unison.

Construction services ranged from planning, architectural, engineering, structural, project management, and physical construction.  The number of construction vendors that Sugar Services employed for those task: One.  Traditional Construction.

OK, to be fair, Sugar Services directly completed the design and installation of the production equipment housed in the new building.

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